Dental Implants

If you’re missing a tooth or have a severely damaged or decayed tooth, dental implants are the perfect solution: It replaces your tooth from root to crown. If you need a dental implant, the expert dental team at HG Doctors can help. This team of Florida-based dentists specializes in gentle dental techniques, so you can get the implant you need, without worrying about pain or discomfort. Find out more by requesting an exam online or by calling to speak with a team member directly.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are the benefits of a dental implant?

A dental implant bonds to your jawbone over time and truly becomes your new tooth — from root to crown. Implants are one of the most sought-after dental treatments because they’re highly effective at giving gum and bone tissue a “job.”

You see, after losing a tooth, gum and bone tissue start to deteriorate and wear down. Once tissue is gone it’s gone for good. But with a dental implant in place, bone and gum tissue continue to thrive to support the implant. A dental implant is also important because it:

  • Can last a lifetime
  • Decreases issues with shifting teeth
  • Enhances your chewing and swallowing abilities

Plus, a dental implant doesn’t shift — unlike removable dentures — so you won’t have to worry about speech problems.

How many appointments do I need for a dental implant?

In general, you need 2-3 appointments to complete your dental implant treatment at HG Doctors. During your implant surgery, the first appointment, your dentist places the titanium “root” into your jawbone and sutures your gum tissue.

Over the following several months — usually at least three months — gum and bone tissue build up around the implant. Once your implant heals, your dentist has you come in to attach an abutment to the implant. This serves as the anchor for your new crown.

Your dentist then needs to take some impressions of your teeth and bite to send to the dental lab for crown fabrication. But within a few weeks, your dental crown arrives in the office and it’s bonded to your implant. You leave the office that day with a whole new tooth.

Is it painful to get a dental implant?

Because the dentists at HG Doctors have advanced training in modern dental surgical techniques, you can expect an entirely comfortable treatment. It’s normal to feel pressure or grinding sensations during your dental implant procedure, but you shouldn’t be in severe pain.

The team at HG Doctors is dedicated to ensuring your Dental Implants Coral Springs FL procedure is as comfortable as possible. They provide localized numbing injections to minimize discomfort during and after your implant procedure.

Click on the online request tool to book your dental implant evaluation at HG Doctors today. You can also call to speak with a team member directly.