Patient-Centered Medical Home

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home? It is not a building, a hospital or a home. It is the way we give care. It is a team-based approach to your healthcare, led by your Primary Care Provider. It is care that focuses on you and your healthcare needs. Right care. Right time. Right place.

What will a Patient-Centered Medical Home do for you?

Give you better, more personalized care, because your care team knows you.

Guide you throughout the complex healthcare system to help you get the care you need either from us or others.
Offer you better access to care that is managed between your doctor, hospitals, and specialists.

Help keep you well through reminders for preventative care. Your healthcare team will work with you to live a healthier life. We are excited to guide your healthcare experience.

Our role as your healthcare team in a medical home. We will:

  • Work together with you, using shared decision making to manage your health.
  • Provide you with tools, resources and education to help manage your health.
  • Serve as the quarterback of your care team, managing care inside the practice and within the community.
  • Use care that has been tested and proven to improve the health of you and your family.
  • Communicate with your specialists, hospitals and other care facilities to manage your health.
  • Offer whole person care including onsite comprehensive behavioral health services.
  • Integrate your cultural, spiritual, and other beliefs in an effort to improve quality and efficacy of care.
  • Your role as a patient in a medical home. We encourage you to:

Work with your care team to set goals and communicate about things that may prevent you from being healthy.
Bring a list of your concerns and questions to discuss with your provider.

Bring your prescription and over-the-counter medicine bottles to make sure your medical record is always current.
Inform the care team of care you may have received in the community or out of town since your last appointment. This includes specialist visits, hospital stays or Emergency Room/Urgent Care visits.

Follow through on annual physicals and recommended screenings.

Openly share feelings of anxiety, sadness or other concerns that impact your overall well-being.

Care Coordinator Our role is to refer you to the appropriate specialist for optimum health. Your role is to follow through with referrals or contact your medical home if you have not been able to see the specialist.