Primary Care

Primary care doctors serve as the cornerstone of your health care and work to keep you in optimal health. At HG Doctors, you have access to a team of physicians and medical providers who offer comprehensive primary care services for you and your family. You can request your evaluation at any of our locations directly through the website or you can schedule over the phone.

Primary Care Q & A

Why do I need a primary care doctor?

Having access to a primary care doctor who knows your personal and family medical history is vital for your health. Even if you regularly see specialists, including an OB/GYN or cardiologist, you still need a doctor to keep all of your medical records together and check to ensure you’re receiving adequate treatments. Primary care is important to:

  • Prevent and lower your risk of chronic disease
  • Track health trends that run in your family
  • Ensure you’re up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Manage your weight

Plus, when you have a relationship with a primary care doctor, you have someone to call in a pinch if you become sick or injured.

What happens during a primary care visit?

HG Doctors proudly offers comprehensive primary care services for every member of your family. Your medical care is entirely tailored to you and your needs, as well as any concerns you may have at the time. Some of the most common primary care services offered at the clinic include:

  • Physical exams
  • Laboratory testing
  • Chronic disease management
  • Prescription medication management
  • Body mass index (BMI) analysis
  • Mental health screenings and evaluations
  • Referrals for specialty screenings, such as a mammogram

HG Doctors also offers school, sports, and immigration physicals, so every member of your family can receive the specialty care they need under one roof.

How often should I see my primary care doctor?

Usually, HG Doctors wants to see you once a year for your annual exam. But there are certainly times outside of these preventive screenings when you may need to come in. You should schedule an exam with your primary care doctor if you:

  • Need a flu shot
  • Are planning to travel overseas
  • Want to begin a new sport or exercise regimen
  • Become sick or injured, or experience health changes (like hypertension)

The team at HG Doctors is dedicated to ensuring you receive the integrative primary care you deserve.

Request your primary care evaluation at any of our locations directly through the website. You can also call the clinic to speak with a team member over the phone.