What You Need to Know About Root Canal Complications

Dental treatments are meant to improve oral health and not worsen the problem. However, there are rare occasions when issues arise after the procedure. Did you know that Coral Springs root canal complications can happen? Although the success rate of root canal therapy is between 80%-95%, root canal failure is still a likely probability. 

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Understanding Root Canal Complications 

What Is a Root Canal? 

A root canal is a hollow chamber within your tooth that houses connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves (dental pulp). Root canal therapy is indicated for patients with a crack in their tooth caused by genetics or injury, tooth sensitivity, and if they have pimples on their gums.  

Dentists recommend root canal therapy if the infection has already reached the dental pulp. The treatment involves removing the infected pulp, disinfecting the chamber, and sealing it with a special material to prevent reinfection.  

Why Does Root Canal Therapy Fail? 

  • Coronal Leakage – The purpose of root canal therapy is to stop the infection from spreading and protect your tooth against further damage. Unfortunately, there are instances when bacteria make their way back into the tooth even after the procedure.  

To ensure this doesn’t happen, the dental crown must be adequately sealed to avoid bacterial leakage. It’s essential to choose an experienced dentist to ensure that they use quality materials to reduce any chances of root canal therapy failure.  

  • Additional Tooth Roots – A factor that determines the success of root canal therapy is the complexity of the affected tooth. In some cases, patients are completely unaware that their teeth have hidden roots until they experience pain. Interestingly, the hidden roots are not visible in conventional angled x-rays, so patients don’t receive treatment until they’re in pain.  
  • Root Perforation – Even though root perforation is extremely rare, it can occur. While cleaning out your tooth root, your dentist can accidentally puncture and create a hole in the area. If the perforation isn’t detected and the area is left unsealed, bacteria can enter your tooth through the hole and cause another infection.  
  • A Crack in Your Tooth – A hairline crack can seem harmless because of how narrow it is, but it can provide an entryway for bacteria to get back inside your tooth even after your dentist successfully cleans it out.  

What Are the Signs that Root Canal Therapy Failed? 

It’s normal to experience discomfort and sensitivity in the area after root canal therapy. However, you should let your dentist know if the pain and sensitivity go beyond two weeks. Dentists may order an x-ray to check if there are still bacteria left in your tooth.  

The treatment is considered a failure if your tooth needs to be retreated or extracted. Many years may pass before this happens, and it’s usually caused by bacteria penetrating your tooth, so it’s crucial to see your dentist regularly so that any signs of failed root canal therapy can be detected before the symptoms worsen.  

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Do You Need a Coral Springs Root Canal? 

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